By Karen Pereczes

As appeared in 'Chat - It's Fate' magazine. Copyright Karen Pereczes 2005.


From time to time we have all experienced coincidences that appear to have special significance. The telephone rings and it's the person you were only thinking about just a moment ago... you bump into an old friend that you dreamt about last night... you open a book on a random page only to find the solution to a problem. The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called these moments of meaningful coincidence 'synchronicity'.

Too often, these are dismissed as nothing more than 'just a coincidence'. But if you pass this off as mere chance, you may be missing a golden opportunity...

Winds Of Change

Coincidences are unexpected events, over which we have no control. They cannot be forced or manipulated to suit our own needs. To allow coincidences into your life, it is helpful to keep an open mind...  every person you meet may potentially have a message for you. A chance meeting can trigger a whole series of events, and a life of unexpected adventure! If you bump into someone you haven't seen for a long time, stop and talk to them. Be aware of a message they may have for you.

A coincidence can change our lives for the better, perhaps bringing unexpected job opportunities, a move into a different part of the country or a new relationship.

If you have a recurring thought or hunch, pay attention to the next coincidence - it usually guides you in the right direction. To follow through a coincidence is to allow yourself to be carried on the winds of change... who knows where you may find yourself?

Go With The Flow

Coincidences are signposts that offer us the chance to reconnect with the flow of life, intuitively pointing the way towards our hearts desires. When we find the right path and we know what we want, everything we desire is effortlessly attracted to us.

If you find yourself stuck on an idea but are continually banging your head against a brick wall without any success, let it go. A coincidence can bring you clues that will help solve your dilemma and get you back on track.

Coincidences can often appear to take us in completely the opposite direction to which we think we want to be going. If this appears to be the case, it may be that you are being directed towards something that you had not consciously already considered, but which would ultimately be more fulfilling for you in the long-term scheme of things.

Divine Whispers

Each of us has a special purpose that is our gift to share with the world. Coincidences are messages from a divine force that can reconnect us with our true purpose in life, moving us toward fulfilment and happiness.

To follow a coincidence through is to invite the unknowable into your life. To do this successfully requires a certain amount of trust that these divine whispers are guiding you towards your highest good.

If you need some help and guidance in your life, just ask. Then be quietly alert for the next coincidence coming your way, and be receptive to the answers it may bring. If you are unsure of what the message means, you may want to wait for further confirmation before you respond.

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows

The more you become aware of meaningful coincidences in your life, the more you will encounter them. It can help to keep a diary of any coincidences you may experience, and what happened when you followed them through.

Following coincidences can enrich our lives, bringing us a better understanding of ourselves and how mysterious and magical life really is.