Karen Sawyer - Freelance Writer and Author


I am a freelance writer/journalist and author living on the inspirational southwestern coast of Pembrokeshire in Wales. Most of my writing is esoteric in nature... I enjoy writing (and finding out) about things that challenge convention.

I am author of  'Soul Companions: Conversations with Contemporary Wisdom-Keepers - A Collection of Encounters with Spirit' , published by O Books (www.o-books.net ). 

Here's a short 6-minute film I made which explains what the book is about...

Follow the 'Book' link at the top of this page to find out more about this, and for contact information. 'Soul Companions' is on sale at  Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com .

I was recently interviewed by Dulcinea Contreras for Evolution Revolution Radio - you can listen to the interview here by selecting episode 27 from the blue media player below.


I am now working on my second book with the tongue-in-cheek title of 'Dangerous Men' - this will be a collection of interviews with those who challenge convention in their research and studies. This collective of around 30 cutting-edge worldviews presents new and exciting ways of thinking about history, science, politics, and indeed the nature of reality and life as we know it.

I am also co-authoring a third book with Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, entitled Let The Children Speak - see below;

 Let The Children Speak

A collection of experiences and inspired ideas from young people, parents, and teachers. This groundbreaking book is a call to change the education system as we know it. These stories reveal that it's time to bring the magic back into learning, and propose exciting ways of how we can turn this dream into reality.

"We are seeking your experiences and knowledge to include in our exciting new book. We are looking for parents, teachers and young people to share their thoughts - the 'ups and downs' of how they deal with everyday issues, from connecting with spirits or fairies etc, to school and daily life. This can be in the form of a poem, essay or diary entry. The words that are written by the children will not be changed - they will be printed exactly as they are written".

If you would know of anyone who may wish to contribute, please email: letthechildrenspeak[at]hotmail.co.uk

As a freelance journalist, I have written a wide range of features for magazines including ' Country Walking ', 'Pembrokeshire Life', 'Heritage', 'Flora International', ' Kindred Spirit ', 'Chat - It's Fate', ' Prediction', 'Craftsman Magazine' and ' Aquila'. Many of these articles are are available to read on this website. You can also read my blog at www.myspace.com/impishwriter.

I intend my website to be a place where I can both share information with you and provide a resource and inspiration for those who, like myself, love to write.

Many thanks and warm wishes,

Karen :-)