A Journey Into Trance

- an interview with Angie Kruger & her spirit guide Richard

As published in Kindred Spirit magazine,  July/August 2005. Copyright Karen Pereczes and Kindred Spirit, July 2005.



Since ancient times, sound has been used as a powerful tool to induce heightened awareness. The singing bowls and overtone chanting of the Tibetan monks, the deeply spiritual mantras and ragas of India and the rhythmic beating of the drum of shamanic traditions worldwide were all used to evoke an altered state of consciousness, or trance state - allowing communication with the invisible realms of spirit. In an extraordinary and exclusive interview, Karen Pereczes speaks to one of the UK's most talented Trance mediums - Angie Kruger, and her spirit guide Richard.

By exploring the use of sound - correlating breathing, the heartbeat and low frequency bass vibrations - Angie and Richard aim to help others to develop Trance. Explains Angie: "Music opens you up to spirit and it draws spirit in, because they love sound. It's kind of an untapped thing... people don't realise how relevant it is yet, but as time goes on they will because it is a real tool to connect with spirit guides."

Many people live their whole lives unaware of or ignoring the presence of Spirit. Yet establishing a connection with your guide can enhance your spiritual pathway, enabling you to develop your potential as Spirit incarnate. Explains Angie: "Richard always says that it's super-natural and para-normal. Everyone can work with these energies. He tells me that there are really very few boundaries between the worlds and the veil is very thin. Spirit need every kind of medium they can to reach every kind of person there is - they will get their message across in whatever way they can. They often work with you in dreams, when you are receptive. Most limitations are in our minds and the more we relax and allow, the greater our potential."
Trance is a strong sharing of mental and physical energies and consciousness between the medium and spirit communicator. In the CD 'A Journey Into Trance' (see further information at the end of the article), Angie explains: 'I am often asked how I was taught Trance... the simple truth is that Spirit taught me. I worked intensively with Richard for about a year before we started working publicly. 
He realised it that it was extremely important that I felt, and was, completely secure. He would tell me in advance how things would feel and what was going to happen. One of the strange things was that when I went outside my body I had no physical voice - and could only communicate with him by sending thought. At the end of our training period, Richard taught me how to attain complete detachment to enter into such a secure and peaceful state of deep meditation that I was no longer aware of what was happening, leaving him completely free to be himself while he worked.'

Richard's Journey
February 2005 is the tenth anniversary of Richard's death. He had taken his own life, and needed five years of healing and learning spiritual skills before he was sent to work with Angie. She explains: "Working with suicides who find themselves in the spirit world is very close to Richard's heart, because he's been through those experiences himself - he can help others come to terms with what they've done."
In addition to Trance workshops, Richard also answers questions from an audience during trance demonstrations. He speaks candidly with humour and compassion - his 'down to earth' approach endearing him to hundreds of fans throughout England, Wales and Jersey. 
Although it has not been appropriate for Angie to contact Richard's family directly for many reasons, there have been loved ones from his family present. Explains Angie: "I don't think they find it easy to accept. I've helped Richard achieve what he wanted to do - there's no way they could sit in the audience and see him work and not know that it's really genuine."

Interview With Richard...
How and why did you contact Angie? 
After I passed over, when I was in a state and I was still messed up, they would say: 'Right - you've got to pull yourself together because you've got major work to do on the earth plane with this person.' 
I used to like the philosopher Nietzsche and that his theory that truth was something personal - breaking the barriers and getting rid of all the old man made rules and regulations.
One of the reasons I was given this work is because I was a suicide, so that's one taboo down the pan! Religious belief is that suicides are punished - they go to dark places. But they don't... they are looked after by particular angels. We're 
working with thousands of people all over the country and if it wasn't appropriate we wouldn't be able to do that.

What is it like for you in the spirit world?
Where I live, everything is projected by thought and collective consciousness. I did get lonely a lot when I was on the earth plane but I needed privacy as well. I know it sounds crazy, but I live in what you would call a bedsit where there are lots of other spirit people vibrating at the same frequency, so we live together but we have our own space. I have my own desk where I do my writing and that kind of stuff there. You're attracted to a vibration that's right for you - it's your own personal heaven. 

Can you travel to other dimensions of existence?
Yes, but you can't go any higher than your own vibration. It's like being at University - you work through the course. If you were to say guideship starts at level 4, that's where I am - I can't go up with the archangels and ascended masters who are at level 7. If I want to, I can go down to the lowest levels to help those souls who have got themselves into a state and have been unkind or just messed-up, but I can't go any higher than I've earned. As I progress I will.

Could you tell us about the existence of life on other planets or an unseen spiritual realm?
One of the problems of science is that they say: "We've made this telescope, we're looking at this planet - there's nothing there." Instruments made out of man-made matter are only capable of seeing what they're designed to see. So 
something on another frequency, on another vibration, is still going to be invisible... it doesn't matter what kind of telescope they use! It's quantum physics - two things can exist in the same space without interfering with each other as long as the frequencies aren't the same. 
We are consciousness - we are memory. Essentially your essence never dies. In the spirit world we can touch and we exist in solid form because that's the way we project ourselves. If an electric toothbrush is turned on, the bristles are a lot vaguer than if you had it turned off, isn't it? Because our vibration is so much faster than your physical eyes can deal with, we can see you but you can't actually see us. 

Are relationships in spirit different than that on the earth plane?
This is another taboo that we're here to break. I don't care what it says in the books, and irrespective of what they say in the churches - lovers and partners have a way of pouring ourselves into each other that's immensely intimate and terribly close. There are totally loving relationships here with very little difference.
I know that there are also what we call 'cross-boundary relationships' between guides that have been a partner in a previous existence and people on the earth plane now. There are even marriages between living and discarnate people in Shamanic cultures. There are no rules or regulations.

How does sound and music work in relation to Trance?
Music affects the emotions; emotions are part of your mind, which is part of your consciousness, which is part of your soul. 
Most meditation music is designed to lift the listener to reach a higher state - to ascend to access the realms of light, guides and angels. Our Trance CD is designed to take the channel spiralling downwards into a state of detachment, separate from the consciousness. The medium is enticed into a deeper state of relaxation and receptivity, like being hypnotised, thereby becoming passive and open for use by spirit. Only those who have first attained a close and bonded interplay between guide and medium should attempt this level of fusion.

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of KS?
The number one important thing is to be a loving, caring soul. Wherever you can, support your fellow man. People who are in the gutter, off their head on smack or whatever - an awful lot of people just walk past and leave them there saying: 'I don't want to get dirty - I don't want anything to do with you.' Just be mindful of how you react to your fellow man because that's where the test is - apart from realising that you're a Divine soul incarnated in body - to get to the stage where even if you can't love them, at least you can try and understand them. You've got to learn to love and take care of each other, because that's what it's all about. 

Have you any messages for your family and friends on the earth plane?
There's a really good mate that I know... the guy that does the painting. I visit him in dreams and he feels and senses me around him. He's trying to get it out of his head... he knows it's real, but he's holding back as he fancies himself an academic intellectual! Any family and friends that have also had the dreams - just let them know that it's right. The bottom line is that I want my mum to know that I'm around. Just tell her it's not over when the fat lady sings! It's just not. 

Further information
For further details about trance demonstrations and development workshops: e-mail: ASpooks00@aol.com website: www.soulsearchingpromotions.co.uk
'A Journey Into Trance' - An interview with Angie & Richard by Cornish healer Robbie Wright