Destiny's Children

By Karen Pereczes

As published in the May 2005 issue of 'Chat - It's Fate'. This is the original version, copyright Karen Pereczes, 2005.



You are a child of the universe, no less than the tree and stars;

You have a right to be here.

And whether or not it is clear to you,

no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should - Desiderata.

If your 'little monsters' are aged between 0 to 25, chances are that they're one of a special new 'breed' of children rapidly populating the planet. These are the 'Star Children'... spiritually evolved souls with a mission!

They seem to fall into three types... Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. Your child probably won't display all the characteristics of any one type. These are just guidelines to help you better understand the energy-type of your child - not to put a label on your child's unique and special gift to you.

These children have a knowing far beyond their years - on a soul-level they know who they are and why they are here.

To live and grow to their true potential in today's world is a huge challenge for these children. Modern society offers no understanding or support for the new energy they represent... regarding their differences as 'something to fix'. We're not here to change them or to mould them into being like us. They're not.  If anything, these children will change us - (any parent with small children will know what I'm talking about here!). They are 'tomorrow's children' - the bridge that will lead to a new planet founded on love and harmony. As the evolutionary process speeds up, their energy will help humankind move forward to the next level.

Purple Haze

'Indigo Children' is a term used to describe the colour of their auras. Indigo is indicative of the Third Eye Chakra, which represents intuition and psychic ability. Indigo children are roughly aged between 7 to 25. They're spiritual warriors - the 'demolition crew', here to break down the existing structures in society that need updating and revising. Many are labelled 'problem children' because they're non-conformist and rebel against authority. They won't tolerate rules that don't make sense! They intuitively know when they're being lied to, patronised or manipulated.

These are children with boundless energy and enthusiasm... until they get bored (which they do very easily), so are often the troublemakers at school. Because of this they're often misunderstood - Indigos are beautiful and loving children that need stimulation, positive discipline and guidance.

Many of these children are clairvoyant, and can have the ability to see energy, visions and spirits. They can be emotionally sensitive, intuitive and are often highly talented or gifted. These kids are very bright, very charming and very demanding. 

Crystal Tips

'Crystal Children' are so-called because of their high-energy vibration (that can sometimes disrupt electrical appliances!). They're approximately aged between 0 to 7. Unlike their 'in your face' brother and sister Indigos, these children are the 'peacemakers'. They have a more relaxed, sensitive, easygoing energy and love their cuddles! They radiate a compassionate, loving kindness and are very patient and 'laid back'.

It's not uncommon for these children to 'tell' their parents their name before they are born... they're telepathic. Because they're communicating on other levels, they can be slow to start speaking or may appear to have early speech difficulties.

These children don't seem to know fear - they enjoy flinging themselves off things like table and chairs, and running along narrow ledges. They are especially fond of running around naked, and love playing with water.

Crystal kids have very large, soul-searching eyes. They will often ask others how they feel, and notice how loved ones are feeling. Sometimes they're so sensitive and empathic to the world around them that they go inward and withdraw. They are healers who have a strong desire to help others, and are natural-born philosophers who are spiritually aware of the 'bigger picture'.

Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow children are the 'new kids on the block'. These are the 'builders'... their strong will and energy will create a new world based on the foundation of peace and harmony that the Crystal children are laying down.

It goes without saying that Rainbow children see the world through kaleidoscopic eyes... they love bright clothing and a colourful environment, and will often describe things by using colours, i.e: those pink shoes or 'I want the blue cup!'

Like their brother and sister Indigos and Crystals, they also have psychic, telepathic and healing abilities. They can be impatient though... they expect instant manifestation of whatever they need, and don't understand why it can't happen NOW! Rainbow kids are very creative personalities that bubble over with enthusiasm for life, the universe and everything.

A Final Word...

So parents... smile, laugh, play and enjoy all your child has to offer. Encourage and support any natural talents and abilities they may have - and provide training to develop these gifts. They need to be given respect and to be treated as equals, not patronised or punished for being different. Be open to learning from them.  And don't forget to admit when you make mistakes! Don't worry... if you need advice, there are many great books and websites that can provide encouragement and support.



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