Ever Increasing Circles

By Karen Pereczes

As appeared in Chat - It's Fate magazine. Copyright Karen Pereczes 2005.



Crop circles are the unexplained phenomenon of our time - they defy logical reasoning, although there are many theories. Over the years, they have evolved from simple circles into increasingly complex geometrical symbols and designs. Every summer, hundreds of people feel irresistibly drawn to visit them - yet very few are reported in the media... all too often ignored and generally dismissed.

While there's no denying that 'hoaxing' does go on, the military's continued interest in the phenomena has led some to suspect that this is part of a plot to discredit a genuine mystery... but why?

UFOs are often associated with crop circles, leading some to believe they are created by extraterrestrial intelligence. Some formations show what appear to be interplanetary maps and solar systems. In August 2001, a mysterious 'face' and what resembled a radio transmission that SETI sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974 appeared in the fields at Chilbolton, near Andover. A 'stylised alien' holding a round disc appeared near Winchester the following year.   

Says crop circle researcher Paul Vigay: "Crop circles could be a deliberate attempt at communication or merely a by-product of some higher dimensional craft. I believe that Earth energy grids and ley lines interact with higher dimensional planes, making entry and exit to our dimension easier (a bit like higher dimensional runway landing lights, if you like). This also correlates with UFO sightings in the vicinity of ley lines and sacred sites."

Freddy Silva - author of 'Secrets in the Fields' - has been dowsing the energy.  He believes that crop circles are strategically aligned at points along this energy grid, awakening sacred sites that have lain dormant for centuries.

There have been numerous reports of interference to electronic devices within crop circles. Paul, who has been studying the electromagnetic fields both outside and inside the formations, believes: "What's going on is some kind of interaction with entities or intelligence, occupying a parallel dimension to our own. Crop circles are the results of a hyper-dimensional 'ripple' in our space and time - much like a speedboat leaves a wake behind it. This is creating an electromagnetic vortex in our dimension, which causes the anomalies we are detecting."

Radio astronomer and mathematician Gerald S. Hawkins discovered that some crop circles contained diatonic ratios - relating to the musical notes in our major scale. He also discovered that certain formations are based on Euclidean geometry. The ancient Egyptians called geometry 'frozen music' - as sound vibrations create geometric shapes. Sound harmonics have been used since ancient times to initiate transformation and healing. Could this explain accounts of euphoria, calmness and heightened awareness and temporary healing within crop circles...?

The energy behind the crop circle formations alters the chromosomes of the plants and the chemical composition of the soil. One 658 ft-long formation that appeared in June 1996 at Alton Barnes, resembled DNA. Are we eating 'corn-circle-flakes' for breakfast...? Says aerial photographer and author Lucy Pringle: "We could well theorise that the harvested grain containing residual constituents of the circle-making energy has been in our food chain for some considerable time with, as yet, unknown effects."

Some believe that crop circles are a divine key or path to a higher awareness, containing a subconscious message to speed our spiritual evolution. By using the ancient numerical system of Gematria, Dieter Siegelin has de-coded many formations: "The main message is that Maitreya - the awaited one of all religions - is here to return the ancient wisdom lost to humanity. The biggest problem on earth is dis-information... no one knows what to believe, so we are confused as to who we really are and why we are here. This fountain of true information is being established through the crop circle phenomena."

Perhaps one day the mystery will be solved - but, for now, crop circles remain an enigmatic symbol of our times and a refreshing reminder to humankind... that we still have much to learn.


Crop Circle Encounters... 

Ian Moore, 42, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire -

"It was in May 1996, driving past Stonehenge, when I saw my first crop circle. I stood quietly in the centre of a circle - 20 ft across and as large as a terraced house - not really knowing what to think. Then I noticed some people about 50 ft. away, standing in another circle. Looking around, I realised that they surrounded me in all directions! When I saw the aerial photograph, the truth became apparent... it stretched over a square kilometre and consisted of 149 circles!

Being familiar with computer programming, I instantly recognised the pattern as the mandelbrot Julia fractal - a pictorial representation of a mathematical equation. I've written a computer program to make a fractal - and can tell you, it's pretty complicated. It would have taken several architectural engineers several days to have simply marked out the land, let alone anything else! I later discovered that an aircraft pilot said it was created between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m.

As for who makes them... they're created by the 'Anything Machine' - which is a bit like a time machine, but better. In the future, we'll create a machine that will visit the past - and we'll start picking mankind up by our own bootstraps.

I once attempted to communicate to the Circle Makers from inside a formation, using a laser that sent a series of dots and dashes, forming a picture - a symbol of the 'new civilisation', which is like a tree or person with arms curving up. There has since been a crop circle of exactly that image..."

Sonya Porter, 65, from Woking, Surrey -

"Crop circles were first mentioned to me in 1982.  Being the sort of person who likes to believe in things until they are disproved rather than the other way around (since it makes life more interesting), I found the idea of circles appearing out of nowhere quite intriguing.

It wasn't until 12 years later that I saw my first formation... I had joined the Centre for Crop Circle Studies and was on the way to Glastonbury. In front of us, on a hill, was an amazing design - a stylized scorpion - the corn flat to the ground and shining in the sunshine like pure gold. The next day I visited some more formations, where I was introduced to dowsing. Someone handed me a pair of rods and the damned things worked!!! Couldn't believe it. Me... I was dowsing!  

A friend bought me a pair with 'cuffs', so that even my husband can't accuse me of cheating, and each crop season I visit the Wessex fields and give it a go. Sometimes they don't work, so I assume the formation is man-made, but more often than not they do... I think there are more genuine formations than not. Dowsing proves to me that there is SOMETHING going on - that they are real. What they mean to me is absolute beauty... I could look at them all day!"  

Pat Tunney, 52, from Watford, Hertfordshire -

"I had been interested in crop circles for many years, but it wasn't until 2000 - after an unpleasant operation and radiotherapy for cancer- that I felt compelled to pay a personal visit. The first one I went into was the 'Magnetic Field' formation at Avebury Trusloe. I spent some time sitting in one large circle in the centre of the formation. It was quite lovely and I took some photographs of it.

The following day, I saw an aerial photo of this particular crop circle. It looked completely different... having TWO largish circles. Crop circles are notoriously difficult to figure out when you are actually in them, but I was with a friend who has a better than average skill with this - an engineer with a good sense of perspective. We were convinced that the circle we had been in was a different shape to the aerial photos.  

Later that night, I was bombarded by images of symbols, numbers and glyphs, that came into my mind like a high-speed computer download. This information powered in for precisely 10 minutes, then stopped abruptly. I later discovered that my engineer-friend had experienced the same.

 We later returned to the circle, around 10.30pm, to check it out. Sure enough, it was exactly like the aerial photo - nothing like the first time we had visited. My camera film decided to 'dematerialise' from my camera, so I have no proof that it ever looked any different. (In 25 years as a photographer I have never 'forgotten' to load my camera with film).

After a while, we saw a light on the horizon - dancing up and down and side-to-side in a little display. There is quite a lot of aircraft activity in the area, but this was different... it had a consciousness and its movements were thought-connected. I continue to experience many strange, fascinating phenomena in relation to crop circles and our friends 'out there'."


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