A Brush With Dreamtime -

A Sitting With Psychic Artist Patrick Gamble

by Karen Pereczes

As appeared in the May 2006 issue of 'Prediction' magazine, copyright Karen Pereczes 2006.

Thirteen years ago, Patrick Gamble was a builder and an atheist - now he's one of the world's most renowned psychic artists, painting people's spirit guides. Karen Pereczes meets the man and discovers how this dramatic transformation came about...

I was an atheist. I kept my life simple. I believed that you're born, you live and you die - that's it... nothing more. I became this way from observing life. Because of all the trouble and strife in the world, I was convinced that there couldn't possibly be anything more to it.

It all started when, clearing up after a hard day's work on site, I was given a box of junk containing a canvas and other bits and pieces. My immediate thought was, 'I'll never use that because I can't paint'. So I took it home, put it in the garage and forgot about it.

Some time later, I was having a 'clear out', and was loading a trailer with rubbish. As I emptied the box, my eyes were drawn to three tubes of paint. I picked them up and had an overwhelming urge to put oil onto canvas. In my builder's kit, I had some white spirit and small brushes that I used for painting behind radiators - and that's what I used. I sat in my kitchen and began to paint...

After two hours, although it only felt like ten minutes, I propped the picture up and took a look at what I had painted... there was a very elderly gentleman looking back at me! I wasn't comfortable with the face. It was a very strong image - very positive, but it didn't mean anything to me. It was later I learned that this man is one of my guides.

I can't remember painting it. It's a bit like driving along in a car when you can't remember driving the last five or six miles... the painting was very much the same. I didn't understand how it got there and I didn't want to understand. I didn't even know what guides were! I guess, being truthful, I was frightened - so the picture was put away.

Until that day, I had no sight of spirit. But the experience opened a doorway, where this ability gradually developed. I began to experience unfamiliar sensations - feeling 'shivers', like there was a draught in the house, and seeing what I call 'flickers and shadows'. Out of the corner of my eye, something would move very fast, and I'd wonder, 'Did I just see a mouse, or no?' or I'd be sure that someone had walked past my window and I'd wait for a knock at the door... but it never came. After a while, I began to wonder what was going on.

I began to have dreams and I'd wake from a restless sleep with the urge to paint. As I put colour onto the canvas, images would appear... it was really as simple as that. At the time, I restricted painting because I was busy with building work, so it's been a slow, gradual process.

As I began to 'see' energy, I also started to perceive auras and Spirit. Their essence is an energy of being, which we all have. It's not a form or shape. We're asking them to take a form or shape to give us some understanding.

A painting often starts with colour like an aura around the image which can be very physical or a very faint image that may alter in appearance, through ageing or sometimes even different characters. Animals, family members, guides and helpers can show themselves. 

Everybody carries an abundance of energy, that's the truth of it - and I mean so much. I have no influence on who comes through... I just sit and paint. Of course, some people want their loved ones - a mother may ask for a painting of her 16-year-old son who has died... it's a huge responsibility. There is a chance that her son won't be there. Why can I paint a child for one person and not another? I nearly stopped painting, because of this.

Family members will often show themselves, although painting family can be complicated... A lady once came for a sitting - I had already started painting, when she suddenly said, "I don't mind who I have, but I don't want my mother!" When the painting was finished, I turned it around... and it was! I guess mum had given her a difficult life, so she had come through to say, 'Look, forgive me'. It is a healing process, but it's quite a shock for someone to know that a particular spirit is around, when that's the last person they want!

During a session, one of my guides - John, an artist from London in the 1800's - works through me to produce the image. I am conscious of what is going on around me when I'm painting, and I do look at the painting when I'm working. I see the spirit image above a person with my own eyes - it has to physically appear. If it doesn't, then I won't paint anything. This may happen a couple of times a year. I think it keeps me in place - it makes me aware that I depend on my guides and is very humbling. It makes me pray and gives a great respect to the process. I don't take it for granted... I daren't.

As a guiding energy, John is fantastic - he's my best mate and workmate. Our relationship is no different than the one I have with my mate Roger, who's a building mate of mine. I treat them both the same... spiritual or physical, I see little difference in them.

John himself has never been painted. Although I 'see', I don't 'see' him. He stands to my right, slightly outside my focal point - he's impossible to paint, because I don't have his detail. I asked him to show himself, but he wouldn't! This bothered me because I wondered why he wouldn't be painted... would his physical appearance frighten me?

To this day, John has not stepped forward, but now it doesn't matter... it's not important to me anymore - regardless of what he looked like, I'd put my arms around him.

I have four guides... that first painting was actually a portrait of one of my other guides - he is very wise and has an air of determination and philosophy. I believe he's the boss... he oversees the others, like the head teacher of a school would. Each of my guides has their job to do - they specialise in certain areas. Working together, we get the job done!

At first, when people came for a sitting, I would say very little... basically just, "Sit down" and then, "Here's your picture". That was it - there was nothing else, because I had nothing else to give.

About 4 years ago, I started to include 'readings' in a sitting, using cards based on a portion of spiritually inspired paintings I have produced. These images came to me either in a dream state, as visions or through my meditations.

To see an image is a language. Spirit is trying to give me an understanding. A strong image will tell me something... a very gentle image would tell me something else. I've learned to 'read' it - to get a sense of feeling from it. My challenge is to take that feeling and put it into words.

I ask for guidance and help many times during the day. I feel it's very important to remember to ask. Sometimes I even demand what I want from them! There's no point in being wishy-washy - I have to get myself across the country, turn up and be ready to work. Over the years, I've painted thousands of spirit pictures for people all over the world. I have also painted around 150 huge canvases.  Because I make this effort, I need the same from them. They respond by sending signs - but I don't see a great vision in the sky that says, "GO THAT WAY!" Sometimes I ask for a sign, walk straight past it and don't realise!

My job is to strengthen the awareness of the influences that are around us. Some people are very aware and just need confirmation - at other times, I introduce an awareness of a particular guiding energy around you... to know it and call upon it to assist and help.


Further information: visit Patrick's website: www.patrickgamble.co.uk